Dopis pro Shammeru - podzim 2015

Dear Shameera,

thank you very much for your letter. We are all doing well and we hope you are well, too.

our academic year started on 1st September. And at the end of this month we celebrated the Day of European Languages. So we had a great fun, the 9th graders prepared several activities which younger children had to cope with. They were very successful and they learnt something new at the same time.


At the beginning of November we had a celebration of Halloween. Everybody enjoyed it very much. Children and the teachers were dressed in scary costumes and it was an evening full of games or exercises. In the end everyone got some sweets, but they had to solve the activities at each stand.

Then we participated in an IT competition. All the children from the 4th grade to the 9th grade had some exercises. They dealt with logic, spatial imagination and other types of exercises.


Some of our students visited England at the beginning of December. They were in London, Plymouth, Brighton, the cities of the south coast of England. They travelled by bus, so it was a very long journey, but they were full of new experience and the stay was very benefit for their improvement of spoken English.


Now, we all are preparing for Christmas, so there are lots of things to do. Some of the pupils already decorated their classrooms and the Christmas tree. We will visit some concert and we will sing Christmas carols together.

We wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year.

With best wishes,

Pupils and teachers from Bludov